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Baron-58 panel, Tech details, dimentions


When I planned my project I've looked for info about dimensions in the internet, loaded a lot of photos of the Baron cockpit, then calculated all sizes in the graphic editor using all well known dimensions, such as cutouts for 3 1/8" instruments, sizes of the GPS, ADF etc. So I got all sizes that, I believe very close to original (+/- 1cm at whole panel width, or 1%).

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Knobs and buttons making


Of course, if I had to make these knobs now, I could use a 3D printer, but when I started this panel, I didn't have as many options. So, I used everything I could find and that can work as knobs:

For the smallest knobs (used as GPS, ADF, COM/NAV volume control) might be used any suitable cylindrical parts (caps from pens or casing from some electrical connectors as in my case)

Some very old electrical connectors The holes are filled by the epoxy putty Before  spraying b58 b58

b58 b58 b58 b58 b58

Another method was used for making knobs for the transponder, altimeter and ADF Indicator. The knobs of suitable diameter from some old cassette player. They have smooth surface, so I've graved notches with simple "router", made (that took about an hour) from the monitor stand and drill.

The old monitor stand and drill used for graving The knob is fastened, the grooves are milling one by one (rotating and fixing the knob after each groove Modification - DC motor with collet The carriage feed along the rails by hand b58 b58

Finished, painted transponder knobs Altimeter knob b58 b58

b58 b58 b58 b58 b58 b58

And, for some knobs would perfectly fit the caps for tubes of glue, creams etc. If diameter is not fit, some of them could be cut and glued for needed size.

b58 b58 b58 b58

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Switches instead of encoder

Instead of encoders in some cases the couple of button swithes can be used ( or two-way switch).
For the transponder two-way springed micro switches was used:

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These microswithches can be found in any old CDRom:


I have removed small lever and glued the knob to rotating disk.

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