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SimVimPanel - EFD1000 displays

This Aspen EFD1000 replica module has most of the basic EADI and EFIS functions implemented, and its development will continue to include more advanced functions, including its button controls.

The EADI half of the display includes the attitude, speed and altitude indicators, autopilot preset indicators and flight director, minimal preset altitude marker, vertical and horizontal deviation markers, and additional data for true and ground airspeed, air temperature, pressure and wind speed.

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The EHSI half includes the course indicator with active selected course, autopilot bug and two bearing pointers. Available ID/distance/time to go data is displayed for these pointers. Vertical speed indicator is displayed on the right side of the screen. In arc mode, only VSI numbers are shown, without the scale. When the aircraft is making a turn, the turn rate indicator is seen above the heading dial. If map mode is enabled, the screen displays navigation fix points, with 6 different range options, same as was implemented earlier for EFIS-84.

If electric bus #1 voltage in the aircraft is below 18.4 volts or avionics power is off, the display is disabled.

On-screen inputs are currently not functional. Hardware inputs that were implemented for EFIS-84 can be used for this panel.

Download modules:

ModuleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
EFD1000 beta/demo 14 Apr. 2024Demo module is available to Patreon supporters

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